Social Media Consumption & Detox

While we are the first to admit we love social media and its benefits, we also recognize social media can become overwhelming and sometimes consuming. So, we want to throw out a little reminder: There is value in taking a social media hiatus. In fact, we recommend it.

Do you lose track of time when you are on social media? If you habitually pick up your phone and scroll in a daze, like looking in the fridge for no reason at all – when you’re bored, not hungry – it may be time. If you are experiencing information overload, interrupted sleep patterns to mindlessly scroll or find it is taking you away from the things you love – We encourage you to transform the way you use social media. Take a step back and reflect. Be mindful. Embrace an intentional mindset toward your social media practice.

We get it… these are different times; things have gotten a little unnatural these days. Instead of being together and doing things in person we have been isolating and connecting online more than ever. Social media was created with the intention to connect universally, and we are developing amazing new ways to help bring us together. However, on the flip side there are also negative patterns we have insensibly gotten used to. Now and then, priorities need to be reconsidered and regrettable habits may need to be broken. There’s momentum in the “social media detox” gaining popularity.

Consider reducing your screen time, turning off notifications to reclaim your focus and reserve some time to unplug, intentionally. You may want to gradually pull back and adapt your habit to moderate use and find balance or you may opt for an all-in, cold turkey detox or 30-day cleanse. If you’ve established a more significant break is necessary, set some boundaries, decide a timeline, and stick to it.

In any case, we recommend you have a clear perspective of what a healthy balance is to you. Identify what aspects affect you negatively and realign your choices to be positive.

We understand, the pull can be hard to resist. Consider changing your screensaver to a positive message or photo that reminds you of your offline goals. Personalize your social media practice and it’s okay if it takes multiple efforts and strategies.

It may seem counterintuitive to search “social media detox” to discover a whole bunch of tools and recommendations, but there’s even apps and browser extension blockers to help break the cycle.

We’re all for taking a pause from the online world to enjoy the real world. There’s nothing better than real connection, with people, places, pets, nature, art, and your community. Seek inspiration. Get outside. Figure out what other things you would rather do with your time. Be curious. Plan something fun. Discover what makes you happy. Enjoy your time away, social media will still be there, when you return.

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