Promise & Plans – We choose intention.

January is a time of promise and plans. Who’s ready for a new outlook in 2023?!

Somehow this new year feels different. Every one of us across the globe has gone through pandemic trials. Stepping into 2023 after years of wondering what the future might hold, it finally feels like there’s a new path at our feet.

Cue the tradition of January New Year’s Resolutions… Ugh. Is it just us or did resolutions lose their zeal? Not worth the pressure or the hype? If there is anything we learned these last years, it’s that we need to to be kinder to ourselves and others. So, this year, this very special year, rather than choosing resolution, we choose intention.

What is the difference?

Resolution: A firm decision to take action with an undesired trait or behaviour you feel needs to change to meet a specific goal.

Intention: Reflect on your guiding principles to influence your response to challenges. Resolutions tend to focus on the negative.

Intentions have a broader positive perspective. As we move through 2023 with a new approach, here’s a few intentions we would like to focus on to build a solid foundation for the year ahead.

Reframing thoughts with a proactive shift of perspective. View choices, big and small with positivity. Reaffirm purpose. Strive to consciously replace ineffective behaviours with deliberate, intentional actions. Remember there’s always options. It’s okay to pull the ‘chute and move in a different direction. Acknowledge needs and prioritize differently. Allow the natural state of flow, fully immersed in the present. Avoid distraction. And yes, this includes social media, sometimes. Go at your own pace. Find ways to learn and grow. Consider what you wish to achieve.

It’s going to be a fabulous 2023.

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